I happily visited Annapolis Royal and the fort at Port Royal, Nova Scotia back in the summer of 1995 in the hope of seeing for myself the French cemetery that some people referenced and at the same time soak up any energy in the place where my ancestors once dwelled. But did they actually dwell there? Likely not, knowing that the actual fort that is Port Royal was not occupied for very long and Daniel's family lived a few miles up river.

There is a cemetary located on the Fort Anne location in Annapolis Royal and the oldest grave is that of a woman who died in 1720. These days if you take the
GRAVEYARD TOUR you will be provided with a certificate! A French cemetery no longer exists. Someone told me that the original grave markers were made of wood that have since turned to dust.

The entire Annapolis Royal area and the fort just a few miles south on the west side of the river are a must see tourist destination for Acadian decendants.